Rachael on the go

Quick writing tips and ideas, but some musings too


Hi, I’m Rachael. I live in Singapore, but work as a freelance editor and writing trainer for clients across Australia. I love making text zing, so the reader comes to care about the writer’s ideas. And I love helping writers find their voice. My blog is really a platform for you to find tools that improve your workplace writing. And, along the way, we will explore the English language at work.

I usually work with my clients face to face, or by email. But I know they need a more flexible way for their staff to become better writers, a faster, cheaper and less structured way. A lot of organisations have this need. And this blog is my response. I will leave training materials here for you (and your staff) to download and use when you have time. The materials will range in difficulty level and in time required (some need only 5 minutes), but they will be well labeled so you get exactly what you expect.

My training is free at this stage, and it will help! It will help you perform your job, stand out as a writer and person of ideas, and maybe move up a notch at work!

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